Helen Pearson

 I did my very first wedding in 2013. It was so much fun, and I definitely got the bridal bug!


I got started years before that, and purely for the love of it. The big secret is I’m actually kind of a tomboy (shh, don’t tell anyone!). When I started doing makeup, I quickly realized how much fun it was to exercise control overyone’s appearance, confidence, and personal style. It’s amazing what a difference the little things can make!


When I was 16 I started earning money from weekend work where I saved up to buy high end makeup. I completed college and went to university where I actually qualified as a nurse, I worked for the NHS for 12 years and during those last 5 years I completed my NVQ 2 in beauty which included the module of Makeup.


The main reason I did the course was because I wanted to learn more about how to do makeup, nails and facials properly and maybe incorporate the skills into my nursing roll. As it happened I hurt my back and needed surgery and a lot of rehabilitation. During my rehabilitation I carried out small beauty treatments and even did the wedding makeup of my best friend.


That was the lightning moment when I was hooked. I started doing makeup on myself and friends, and spent a lot of time taking lots of close-up photos so I could see exactly how my work translated on camera (I’m a perfectionist that way) – pretty soon I was doing makeup on everyone who would sit still long enough. From there, I began studying and getting as much training as I could while building my portfolio.


Since then, I’ve worked on countless weddings as well as advertisements, catalogues and photoshoots. My specialty is clean, feature-enhancing, camera-ready makeup for women of all ages and complexions.


And the learning never stops… I regularly attend professional trainings and workshops, work with other artists in the field, and take on new challenges to keep my skills sharp. It’s safe to say that my efforts have snowballed into an amazing and enriching career!


 I won in the Wedding Industry Expert Awards for 2014 and 2015 for most popular new makeup artist in the UK and ranked 3rd worldwide, I then came 1st in 2015 for Most Popular makeup artist in the world. I was totally blown away with all the votes kind comments left for me. I also entered into the Wedding Expert Awards 2015 and was a West Midlands Finalist.


​When I’m not doing makeup I am proud mom to daughter Jessica, 11 and son Joseph, 4. I’ve been married to long time suffering, I mean love, Robert, for 10 years ha-ha. My family are amazing and mean the world to me, the support they give me is out of this world (my little boy even knows how to use a make up brush). 

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