Terms and Conditions




The Client: The Bride listed on the booking form.

The Artist: Helen Pearson MUA

The Agreement: The contract that exists between the Client and the Artist for the agreed fee.

The Fee: The amount payable by the Client to the Artist for the services listed.

The Party: Additional members of the bridal party


It is the responsibility of the named person on the booking form (known as the Bridal party leader or Bride) to understand, agree, and accept responsibility for all booking conditions, including all payments due by specified dates. By proceeding to complete the booking form, and pay a deposit, you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these conditions.


Securing the booking of the event


It is the responsibility of the named person on the booking form (known as the Bridal party leader or Bride) to understand, agree, and accept responsibility for all booking conditions, including all payments due by specified dates. By proceeding to complete the booking form, and pay a booking fee, you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these conditions.

The full & final balance for the Bridal make up is due no later than 6 weeks before the wedding date or on the arranged makeup trial, whichever is first.





Payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal (SEND AS FRIENDS/FAMILY) to


            PayPal: hj.pearson@hotmail.co.uk

            Bank:    Barclays Bank

             Name: Helen Pearson

             Sort Code: 20-81-00

             Account: 20850853



All payments are non-refundable.


Bank Holiday Bookings


£50 surcharge applies for Bank Holidays.



Travel expenses – trial & wedding day


Mileage will be charged at 45P per mile and apply to the journey both there and back. Where there is great distance to travel, and limited time available, I’ll require hotel accommodation with all costs covered. Travel expenses are calculated and invoiced at the time of booking. Should there be later changes to locations the relevant adjustments will be made.


Responsibility of the client


The client shall inform the Artist of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions.

The Artist cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to the Client's failure to inform them of any known or unknown condition.

It is the responsibility of the Client to inform the Artist of any subsequent reactions to any products used during any trial so that adjustments can be made.

If the Artist suspects the products to be unsuitable for a specific skin condition, based on information given from the Client, they may refuse the service.



Appointments are offered Monday – Friday between the hours of 10am – 3pm only. Should you require a weekend trial an additional £100 fee will be applied.

Without a trial the artist will not accept responsibility if a desired style or look does not meet expectations on the wedding day and a refund will not be offered.

The Artist do not offer additional or separate appointments for bridesmaids and relatives. The Artist will work with you to achieve a look, which is compatible with your hair type/length and suits your skin type or colouring. The artist aims to meet high expectations and good communication, and cooperation, is important for us to do so. We appreciate that it can sometimes take a little longer to reach this goal and your time with us is not limited however, trials which the Artist feels have exceeded a reasonable timeframe will incur additional charges, or if the Artist is feeling fatigued from an unreasonably long trial the Artist may be forced to ‘call time’ and a second trial will not be offered. A second trial can be booked subject to availability. The same charges as your first trial will apply. The Artist reserves the right to cancel a booking following a trial, without a refund of the deposit, in circumstances where there is a mismatch in styles, approach, expectations and/or the client is uncooperative, not open to suggestions or makes the Artist or any of our team feel uncomfortable.

The Artist will ensure that the client and bridal party are happy with the results of a trial before we leave however, In the unlikely event that the client, or any of your bridal party, decide after your trial that you are not satisfied, you are asked to contact Helen Pearson immediately so that we can resolve the matter. Refunds, retrials, or cancelations without charges are solely at our discretion.

If trial bookings are cancelled or rescheduled giving less than 24 hrs notice the client will incur a surcharge of £30. In extreme circumstances this may be wavered but it’s up to the Artist’s discretion.




Cancellation of any booking by the client must be given in writing by post or email and can only be confirmed oncyour artist acknowledges youcancellation in writing.

All contact, whether it be general enquiries or changes to a booking, must be from the bride or person responsible for the booking only. The Artist is unable to accommodate further contact from bridesmaids or relatives. Any such contact will be referred back to the bride or named person on the booking form.

The followincancellation fees apply if the booking is cancelled by the client:


Fee Applied

Upon Booking                                                          

Non-refundable booking fee of £50


3 months prior to the wedding day                  50% quoted upon booking form


6 weeks prior to the wedding day or                100% of the booked amount quoted

on the arranged makeup trial                 on your booking confirmation form.


If the Artist cancels OR changes you’re booking

In the unlikely event that the artist cannot attend on the day of your wedding due to unforeseen and unfortunate events or circumstances, all payments will be immediately refunded (excluding deposit and trial fees). The artist will work with the client to find an alternative reputable artist or salon to cater for your requirements however; any such booking will remain solely the responsibility of yourself. If the artist is forced to cancel within 4 weeks of your wedding day we will accept to pay up to £100 for any additional costs involved in securing and alternative Makeup Artist to perform your requirements as stated on the original booking form.

If the Artist is made to feel uncomfortable in anyway, or mistreated, or if anyone becomes abusive/violent or displays any offensive behaviour, the Artist has the right to cancel the contract without refund. In the event of extreme weather conditions where the ‘Met office’ has issued a ‘Red’ warning, the artist reserves the right to cancel your booking. The Artist will refund all monies as a gesture of good will, excluding trial costs and deposit. No further compensation will be offered.


In the event of delays experienced on the day


If the artist experiences unforeseen delays which are out of their control refunds will not be given in the event that one or more services are forfeited as a result and no compensation will be offered if the artist overruns. If you are aware of factors, which could delay or hinder the artists journey, such as diversions, road closures, speed restrictions, match days, market days, satnav issues etc. please advise us as soon as possible so the artist can factor this into our route. No refund or compensation will be offered for delays caused by other wedding vendors, guests, or members of the bridal party. A minimum of 45 minutes will be allocated for makeup application per person. If you suspect any member of your bridal party may be difficult in any way, they are encouraged to have a trial to avoid potential problems on the day which may cause delays.


Client obligations – trial & wedding day


You must ensure that the Artist will be working in a suitable environment with adequate lighting, electricity points, and hand washing facilities. Please ensure every member of your bridal party is aware of timings on the day and that they need to be, and remain, available. You are to inform the Artist of any allergies or reactions prior to, or after, any make-up application or hair styling. If no known allergies are stated the Artist cannot be held liable for any reactions, injuries, losses, damage, costs, claims and actions that may occur to you or any other member of your party. Prior to having make-up applied please ensure you and your party are prepared, to avoid leaving the chair whilst we are working. Please ensure teeth are cleaned, you have been to the toilet and contact lenses are applied (if applicable), before sitting in the chair. Also make sure you are make-up free, (the artist will prep your skin.) On a wedding day, time is of the essence. Please do not eat or speak on your mobile phone during makeup application. Please do not sit children/babies on your lap whilst having your make-up applied. For their own safety please ensure that children are kept away from the Artists products at all times. Please do not smoke or vape whilst in the chair.





The client agrees that the company may use any photography for publicity purposes which include but are not limited to the Artists website and social media pages.



All information provided by the client shall be treated with the requisite confidentiality and will only be available to the Artist. Your personal details will not be made available to any other company without your express written agreement.